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About Victoria Junior Chess Society

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The Victoria Junior Chess Society is comprised of a group of volunteers and is registered under the B.C. Societies Act as a non-profit society (established 2000). We promote chess in the Greater Victoria Area and its various School Systems (K-12), by:


  • Organizing Island Junior Open Chess tournaments and Regional Championships
  • Organizing workshops, seminars and classes for novice, intermediate and advanced players
  • Introducing young players to competitive tournament chess
  • Assisting with the development of School Chess Clubs
  • Organizing other related chess events for children/students
  • Introducing and teaching chess basics to children


The Victoria Junior Chess Society supports and will assist, upon request, any individual school, teacher or group with junior chess activities and instruction.


For any question please feel free to contact us at vjcs.tournament@gmail.com or send us messages through our Facebook page.


维多利亚青少年象棋协会是由众多志愿者组成的非营利性组织,于2000年在BC省登记注册。 我们在大维多利亚地区和所有的学校系统(K-12)促进象棋的普及发展,为新手,中级和高级选手组织岛内中小学国际象棋锦标赛和区域锦标赛, 专题讨论会和研讨会、介绍年轻棋手参加BC省及全国国际象棋比赛,协助学校发展国际象棋俱乐部,组织其他相关的国际象棋活动,教授儿童国际象棋基础知识,并且将根据需要,协助学校、老师或者小组任何青少年国际象棋活动。



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