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Tournament Results

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Island Junior November Open - Medals have not yet been sent out for this event; they will be sent out together with the medals for the upcoming February tournament

1st - Emilian Holmgren (anyit) with 5/5

2nd - Coen Holmgren (veryrichguy) with 4/5

3rd (Tied) - Sharvesh Senthil (sharveshsenthil) with 3/5

3rd (Tied) - Vicky Kodali (Greenmonkey15) with 3/5


Tournament Link: https://lichess.org/swiss/dqXoRlns


2021 Oct Island Junior Rapid 

Grades K-5:

1st - Coen Holmgren (veryrichguy) with 6/7

2nd - Mateen Shayegani (shayegani) with 5/7

3rd - Sharvesh Senthil (sharveshsenthil) with 4/7


Grades 6-12:

1st (Tied) - Dyana Shayegani (Dm_sha) with 4/7

1st (Tied) - Luka Fan (threelettername) with 4/7

1st (Tied) - William Kennedy (Wmtmky) with 4/7


Tournament Link: https://lichess.org/swiss/a5Qy9A1c


2021 Island Junior Blitz Open

Grades K-5:

1st - Coen Holmgren (veryrichguy) with 5/9

2nd - Hardy Hu (hardyhu0716) with 4.5/9

3rd (Tied) - Sharvesh Senthil (sharveshsenthil) with 4/9

3rd (Tied) - Howard Hu (darkness0202) with 4/9

3rd (Tied) - Mateen Shayegani (Shayegani) with 4/9


Grades 6-12:

1st - Emilian Holmgren (Anyit) with a perfect 9/9

2nd - David Eirew (Axel_E) with 7/9

3rd - Vishy Kodali (Redmonkey15) with 6/9


Tournament Link: https://lichess.org/swiss/vpmEoUrd


2021 Victoria Chess Challenge 

Overall (One Section)

Place Name
1 Josiah Plett (5/5)
2 Lucas Quon (4/5)
3 Thien Tran (3.5/5)
3 Mateen Shayegani (3.5/5)


Qualified Players:

Grade Name
12 Josiah Plett
12 Thien Tran
12 Matthew Freitag
9 Lucas Quon
9 Abdullah Azeem
9 Sergiy Rukosuyev
7 Vik Kodali
7 Vishy Kodali
7 Andrei Krasnov
6 Emilian Holmgren
5 Marcos Esparza
5 Dyana Shayegani
4 Coen Holmgren
4 Asher Milotay
2 Mateen Shayegani
K Wesley Hu


Tournament Link: https://lichess.org/swiss/jqpPbyIp


Jan Island Junior Rapid Online

Overall (One Section)

Place Name
1 Thien Tran (5/5)
2 Lucas Quon (4/5)
2 Matthew Freitag (4/5)


Tournament Link: https://lichess.org/swiss/glTEgB9a


Dec Island Junior Rapid Online 

1st-3rd (Tied) - Lucas Quon (Lucasquon) with 4/5

1st-3rd (Tied) - David Eirew (Axel_E) with 4/5

1st-3rd (Tied) - Vik Kodali (Greenmonkey15) with 4/5


Tournament Link: https://lichess.org/swiss/QscwtMA8


Nov Island Junior Rapid Online

1st Place: Emilian Holmgren (anyit) with 5/5

2nd-3rd Place (tied): Andrei Krasnov (AnalogX) with 4/5

2nd-3rd Place (tied): Matthew Freitag (MattFreitag) with 4/5


Tournament Link: https://lichess.org/swiss/DUL79GDm


Oct Island Junior Rapid Online

1st Place: Emilian Holmgren (anyit) with 5/5

2nd-3rd Place (tied): Milo Eirew (plum56) with 3.5/5

2nd-3rd Place (tied): David Eirew (Axel_E) with 3.5/5


Tournament Link: https://lichess.org/swiss/CMTnPSES


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