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Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

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Epic Surf Co. is providing an exciting opportunity for Canadian Open players, friends and family.  A group lesson is scheduled for Thursday July 12 from 10am-12 noon at Willows Beach 5km from downtown Victoria. 20% off the regular rate of $75/person (1.5 hour group lesson). All equipment included, board, paddle, and leash. Register direct with Epic Surf at the phone number and email below. Mention chess for 20% off. SUP is the fastest growing water sport in North America. SUP is easier than it looks. Watch a video on how it is done.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-7rDavdJGs


543 Herald Street
Victoria BC V8W 1S6
Ph: 250-380-7555 fx: 250-380-7230

Rates are now posted. 20% off group lessons and rentals

for Canadian Open players, friends and family.


Photo to right. Paddleboarding at Willows Beach

August 2011.  Mt Baker (10,781 ft) in the background

is an active glaciated volcano. Picture Yourself on

the water. Call or email Epic Surf Co now!    




Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a popular sport that has its roots in surfing and is traced back to ancient Polynesia. SUP is fun for exploring local waterways, getting to coastal surfbreaks or strengthening your core as a cross-training option. Each 2 hour sesson covers equipment familiarization, dry-land instruction, water safety, and fundamental paddling techniques. All equipment included, board, paddle, and leash.


Willows Beach is located 5.9 km from Downtown Victoria and is accessible by public bus, car or bike.  The #11 bus will take you to within 500m of the beach. Ask the driver where to get off. Here is a link to the driving/cycling directions.  Hotel Grand Pacific to Willows Beach map  The lesson meeting place will be near the tea room at 2800 Dalhousie Street. There is free parking near the tea room and on the streets nearby if it is busy.

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